Geo- and Field Archaeology - Master's Degree


Short Description 

The master’s degree programme is aimed at imparting students with theoretical, methodological and practical skills in the fields of geoarchaeology and field archaeology. Throughout three terms of coursework, different disciplines are combined which bear equal reference to science, engineering and the humanities: archaeology on the one hand, especially field methods in excavation, prospection and documentation, and geosciences on the other hand, particularly geoecology and geographical information systems. The master’s degree programme in Geoarchaeology and Field Archaeology is offered in collaboration between the HTW Berlin and University of Potsdam. Graduates are capable of planning and carrying out the scientific analysis and documentation of archaeological find spots and ancient landscapes, assessing the significance of these testimonials to historical, social, economic and cultural development, and based on this, dealing with these monuments from the past in a highly qualified, responsible manner.

Information for Applicants 

German Name:Geo- und Feldarchäologie
Duration:3 Terms
Start:Summer Term
Pre-study Internship:-
Special Admission Requirements:Aptitude Test , Aptitude Test
Detailed Information:Geo-_und_Feldarchaeologie_MA.pdf (This page is only available in German)

General Information 

Location:Campus Wilhelminenhof
Homepage of the Programme: (This page is only available in German)
Homepage of the department:-
Module Description:-
Course Schedule Including General Electives (AWE):-

Contact Persons 

Study Programme Director:Prof. Dr. Kay Kohlmeyer
Study Programme Advisor:Prof. Dr. Kay Kohlmeyer, Prof. Dr. Thomas Schenk
Pre-study Internship Advisor:-
Internship Advisor:-
BAföG Advisor:-
Chairperson of the Examination Board:Prof. Ruth Keller
Contact the department’s office of administration with any organisational enquiries about e.g. procedures concerning illness or final theses.

Study Programme Regulations 

Applicable guidelines have been established which regard general study programme procedures concerning any prerequisites, subject matter and curricula, as well as relevant examination procedures and regulations.
Study Programme Regulations (This page is only available in German)

All study programme policies are based on applicable institutional regulation guidelines.
Regulation Guidelines (This page is only available in German)
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