Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL)


Test of Russian as a Foreign Language

Тест по русскому языку как иностранному

The test of Russian as a foreign language verifies and certifies knowledge of general and specialised Russian language skills, thus offering an internationally accredited method of comparing the level and quality of proficiency in Russian. The TORFL is one of the younger foreign language certificates in Europe. The statutory fundament for this certification was only just established in July 1997 by the Ministry for General and Vocational Education of the Russian Federation. The state-run Kuban University in Krasnodar, which collaborates with the HTW Berlin on a contractual basis, is authorised to administer the test. The Kuban University dispatches an accredited examination board of examiners to the HTW Berlin. Examinations are administered and certification is issued at five different levels (certification levels):
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Certification Levels - Description

Entry Level

  Элементарный уровень
Requirements Linguistic competence at the lowest level,
communication limited to highly restricted subject areas of everyday life.
Certification ТЭУ
Comparable to GER: A1
Required number of hours 100 - 120

Basic Level

ТБУ Базовый уровень
Requirements Linguistic competence at a beginner level,
restricted, basic communication of everyday subjects and socio-cultural area.
Certification ТБУ
Comparable to GER: A2
Required number of hours 180 - 200

Certification Level I

ТРКИ-1 Первый сертификационный уровень
Requirements Linguistic competence at an intermediate level,
communication of everyday subjects, socio-cultural area and fundamental questions regarding studying/training or vocation.
Admission requirement for studying at Russian universities/colleges.
Certification ТРКИ - 1
Comparable to GER: B1
Required number of hours 160 - 180

Certification Level II

ТРКИ-2 Второй сертификационный уровень
Requirements Linguistic competence at relatively high level,
communication of all everyday subject areas,
qualifies candidates to engage in gainful employment (with the exception of philological occupations) in the Russian-speaking region.
Requirement for acquiring a Bachelor's or Master's degree at Russian universities/colleges (with the exception of Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Philology).
Certification ТРКИ-2
Comparable to GER: B2
Required number of hours 380 - general language
340 - technical terminology/specialised language

Certification Level III

ТРКИ-3 Третий сертификационный уровень
Requirements Linguistic competence at an advanced level,
communication of all everyday subject areas and the ability to engage in gainful employment as a philologist (translator, editor, journalist, diplomat) in the Russian-speaking region.
Valid as a state-approved final examination at Russian universities/colleges, which entitles holders to be granted Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, as well as university diplomas in branches of study as listed.
Certification ТРКИ-3
Comparable to GER: C1
Required number of hours 120

Certification Level IV

ТРКИ-4 Четвёртый сертификационный уровень
Requirements Fluent mastery of Russian language, comparable with the linguistic competence of a native speaker.
Required for the acquisition of a Master of Arts degree in Philology/Russian Philology.
Qualifies holders to engage in all forms of gainful employment in teaching and research in Russian Philology.
Roughly comparable to GER: C2
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Preparatory Courses

Two courses are offered every term:
  • Certification level I: winter term/summer term: Wednesdays from 3:45-7:00 p.m., Campus Wilhelminenhof, TGS, room TGS 1b 323; start of class: 9th of October 2013/ 3rd of April 2013.
  • Certification level II-IV: winter term/summer term: Thursdays from 3:45-7:00 p.m., Campus Wilhelminenhof, TGS, room TGS 1b 323; start of class: 10th of October 2013/4th of April 2013.
Detailed information on the courses’ contents and teaching materials can be found in the course descriptions Russian/Preparing for Internationally Accredited Examinations ТРКИ:
Course Descriptions (This page is only available in German)
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TORFL Examination - Dates, Components, Fees, Registration

Examinations are administered once a year, presumably in June/July.
Exam location is the test centre at the Foreign Language Centre of the HTW Berlin.

Exam Dates

The next TORFL examination is expected to be held in the week from 18-21 June 2013:

General Language/All Certificate Levels
  • Part 1 - written (lexis, grammar, reading, writing):
    Tuesday, the 18th of June 2013, room tba., registration: 9:30 a.m., exam starts at 10:00 a.m.
  • Part 2 - oral (listening, speaking):
    Wednesday, the 19th of June 2013/Thursday, the 20th of June 2013/Friday, the 21st of June 2013 (according to schedule)

Business and Technical Language Modules
  • Part 1 - written (lexis, grammar, reading, writing):
    Tuesday, the 18th of June 2013 (time of day tba.)
  • Part 2 - oral (listening, speaking)
    Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the 19th/20th/21st of June 2013
The registration has started and is going on until June 13th.


The examinations for the various levels of the TORFL, including the foreign language business module, consist of a number of components:
  • Lexis and grammar sub-test
  • Reading sub-test
  • Writing sub-test
  • Auditory sub-test
  • Monological and dialogical articulation sub-test


Sitting for the TORFL is applicable to a fee.
The fee's amount depends on the certification level to be sat for:
  • Elementary level, Basic level: 130.00 euros
  • Certification level I: 135.00 euros
  • Certification level II: 145.00 euros
  • Business language module, Technical language module (certification level II): 145.00 euros
  • Certification level III: 155.00 euros
  • Certification level IV: 155.00 euros
(Last updated: 2012)

Information and Registration

HTW Berlin
Zentraleinrichtung Fremdsprachen
Sprachgruppe: Sonstige Sprachen
Treskowallee 8
10318 Berlin

Director of TORFL test centre
Brigitte Dreßler
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