Course Descriptions 

The Foreign Language Centre offers study subject-oriented courses ranging from intermediate level 1 to advanced level 1, as well as general language courses from basic level 1 to 3. The subject-oriented language courses (technical terminology for the business, technology and design fields) are geared to full-time foreign students or exchange students enrolled at the HTW. The general language courses are primarily geared to foreign exchange students or students of Master's degree programmes at the HTW, as well as participants of English language study programmes at the HTW, who have no or little/basic knowledge of the German language. You can find detailed information on the courses' contents here:

The course descriptions are in development.

German Language University Entrance Exam for Foreign Students (DSH) 

Those who wish to get admitted to a study programme in Germany must be able to provide proof of sufficient German language skills. This verification can be provided by passing the so-called DSH examination. If you would like to apply for admission to studies at the HTW Berlin, please consult:

Teaching Staff 

The following lecturers and visiting lecturers teach German as a foreign language:


Dr. Sabine KnoopPhone:+49 (0)30 5019-2946Fax:+49 (0)30
Florence GenetPhone:+49 (0)30 5019-2735Fax:+49 (0)30
Birgit Greiner-PachterPhone:+49 (0)30 5019-2569Fax:+49 (0)30

Visiting Lecturers

Dietmar Heek, E-mail:

Anemone Horn, e_mail:

Thomas Neubart, E-mail:

Rüdiger Meißner, E-mail:

Rosemarie Stephan, E-mail:

Language Group Director 

German as a foreign language is part of the language group "other languages". Language Group Director is Ms Brigitte Dreßler.
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