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Preparing for Internationally Accredited Examinations

The following courses offered for preparation for internationally accredited examinations are structured in such that instruction is closely based on the skills and proficiencies required in the original examinations, thus giving you the opportunity in advance to realistically assess your chances of passing the exam.

All courses are completed with a proficiency certificate. The international examination itself is liable to a fee and cannot be sat for at the HTW, only at licensed institutions. You can learn more about this in detail from the lecturers or by clicking the links listed below.

Successfully passing an intra-university proficiency certificate – which does not necessarily have to be an international certificate – also opens up the doors to you for the subsidies offered by the International Office of the HTW Berlin for applying for a semester abroad in an English speaking country!

The preparatory courses currently on offer can be found in the overview of the language courses (in English - proficiency level O1Z or O2Z) on the Languages and Courses Offered page.

1. Preparation for the Test of English as a foreign Language (TOEFL)

Scope 1x 4 credit hours or 68 hours intensive training
Level O1A
Target groups Students who would like to study in the U.S., Canada or Japan
Exams > 110 points = pass; however, a higher score is often required
Further information TOEFL - Homepage

2. Preparation for the International Laguage Testing System (IELTS)

Scope 1x 4 credit hours
Level O1A
Target Group Students who would like to study in Australia, the United Kingdom or Ireland
Exam The linguistic competency is certified according to a scale from 0 to 9; levels 5/6 are generally sufficient
Further information IELTS - Homepage

3. Preparation for the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)

Scope 1x 2 credit hours (34 hours)
Level O1Z and O2Z
Target Group Students with a particular interest in studying in an English-speaking country
Further information TOEIC - Homepage
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