Repeating Examinations


Failed Exams

You have failed an examination/coursework if you:
  • have not received a minimum mark of 4.0 or "pass";
  • had registered for an examination, but were absent without an excuse.
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Failed Module Exam Components

Individual modules are integrally tested in Bachelor's and Master's degree study programmes. If a module consists of multiple units that each have to be completed with their own partial credit requirements, your mark for the entire module will be calculated as the average mean of all scores achieved in the individual units, whereby the unit marks are weighted by percent.

The module exam is considered as having been failed when:
  • you have not received a minimum mark of 4.0;
  • the weighted average of the unit marks does not result in a minimum mark of 4.0;
  • you were registered for an examination, but were absent without an excuse.
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Repeating Examinations and Repeatability Period

A failed module test, examination or any other certificates of proficiency may only be repeated a maximum of two times.
Students are debarred from repeating examinations they have already passed.

Repeat examinations must be sat for on examination dates held in the same term or, at the very latest, within the next two consecutive terms (repeatability period).
This time period can be prolonged by
  • exeat;
  • terms in which the class is not offered;
  • the practical training term or term in which a practical internship is conducted, provided it is done within the same period of time;
  • a semester abroad;
  • periods in which the student is not enrolled at university.
The repeatability period always begins with the first-time registration of classes or examinations, regardless of whether you actually sit for the exam or not. Any remaining examination attempts expire upon the repeatability period's cut-off date. The respective module/course of studies has then been failed for good.
If the subject was a required course, ultimately failing that course means that you will not be allowed to continue your studies in this particular study programme at the HTW! In the case of electives, you are, however, able to take an entirely new class.
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Registering for Repeat Exams

Please inform yourself of all the details on the Exam Registration page.
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