Registering for Examinations


Registering for Examinations

Online registration for examinations is mandatory for all students who study on-location at the HTW. You may not sit for an examination if you have not registered for it.

Please note that you must register for examinations for all classes if you want to be issued a proficiency certificate for your coursework. It does not matter if the certificate is differentiated, i.e. marked, or undifferentiated, i.e. "pass" or "fail". In such, you are even obligated to register for presentations, papers, projects or sewing work (in e.g. Fashion Design), lab work or other proficiency certificates.

Registration for examinations is always done online at the LSF portal: (This page is only available in German)

LOGIN - authentication - valid LOGIN from the Computer Centre
Please check in time whether your account works. If not, please file an application for repair at the computer centre: (This page is only available in German)

You are obliged to sit for any exams you have registered for online!!! Registration for or withdrawal from examinations is not possible at a later point.

Please keep in mind that for module examinations with multiple test components, all examinations are to be registered for within the same period, otherwise you will receive a mark of 5.0 (fail) for these components!

You are required to check whether your examination registrations or cancellations have been correctly entered in the system. You will find a section called "Angemeldete Prüfungen" (registered exams) in the LSF portal for this purpose. Should you discover any discrepancies in this overview, please get in touch with the person in charge at the Examination Office immediately.

Online registration for examinations is not possible if there are no longer any classes being offered for your examination regulations because you have fallen behind with your studies or would like to sit for equivalent exams in other study programmes. Detailed information on this can be found after logging into the LSF portal for exam registration.
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Examination and Registration Periods

There are two examination periods. Principally speaking, you may choose the period in which you would like to sit for your exam. For that period, you must register by the closing date:
2014 Sommer TermRegistration PeriodExamination Period
1st Examination period16 June 2014 -
30 June 2014 (closing date)
14 July 2014 -
02 August 2014
2nd Examination period08 September 2014 -
15 September 2014 (closing date)
29 September 2014 -
11 October 2014

Exam registration for Foreign Languages / Variant Selection

Students enrolled on new Bachelor and Master programmes beginning in the 2006 summer semester must register for obligatory foreign language courses ONLINE. It should be noted that while students are initially able to freely choose between various foreign language variants, courses selected during exam registration can only then be changed in exceptional circumstances under consultation with examination administration staff. In accordance with the examination regulations framework, language courses which have been passed cannot be exchanged, even for a higher language level.
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Failure to Register

The deadlines for registration for examinations are cut-off dates, i.e. registration at a later date is not possible!

Exceptions can only be made if you have been hindered from registration through no fault of your own.

In such cases, please contact the staff of the Examination Office immediately, present valid proof of your reason for tardy registration and include the examination number, name of class, lecturer, and examination date. The clerk will then give you a form for tardy examination registration.
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Registration for Repeat Exams (Second Examination Period)

If you have failed an exam during the first examination period, or failed to register for an exam, you are free to register for this exam in the second exam period.
Please observe the new registration deadline approx. three weeks prior to the start of the second exam period.

Important exception!
You were registered for the first examination date and have provided verification of justified reason for hindrance from the exam. In this case, you will be automatically registered for the second exam period and are obligated to sit for that exam. If you are absent from this examination without an excuse, then one of your total of three examination attempts will be forfeited!

If you have failed your examination in the second exam period, then you have to repeat the corresponding class and register for the exam again in order to repeat it. Please observe the repeatability period for such cases.
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