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Before deciding to apply for an exeat semester, you should consider the following facts:

  • You are not allowed to earn any ECTS or sit for any exams during the term of your exeat. If you are thinking about taking an exeat semester because you want to do an internship which is an obligatory part of your study programme - you should not file for an exeat, because during the exeat semester you cannot obtain any credit points for this internship. The same applies to study semesters abroad - if you want to study abroad, and want to have those study credits recognised towards your studies here at HTW, you should not file for an exeat, because you cannot obtain any credit points in the time of your exeat. During an exeat semester your whole studies are at a rest.
  • Your exeat may negatively affect your financial benefits e.g. family benefits, "BAföG" grant, or scholarships. Please get in touch with the respective institutions beforehand to ask for their consequences.
  • If you work during your studies and are exempted from national insurance, please enquire beforehand with your HR department whether taking leave from university will be problematic for your employer or not.
  • In the case of study programmes that are currently being converted from the German "Diplom" degree to Bachelor's and Master's degrees, you might not be able to properly complete your studies if you take a leave, because some classes may no longer be offered after the programmes are internationalised. Please enquire with the Examinations Office about any possible consequences before filing for exeat.



=> Reasons for an exeat semester

As a general rule, you cannot apply for an exeat in your first semester at HTW Berlin.

At any later semester, you may take a break from your studies and file for an exeat upon good cause shown.

Good causes might be for example:
  1. sickness that will prevent you from completing any coursework in this term,
  2. call for military or civilian service in Germany,
  3. pregnancy or child care,
  4. prison sentence,
  5. other personal reasons
You will have to provide proof of the aformentioned causes together with your application for an exeat.

An exeat is only possible for full semesters and may, apart from exceptional cases, not be granted for more then two consecutive semesters in a row. During the complete duration of your studies, you are allowed a grand total of four exeat semesters.

=> First: re-register for the exeat semester

Before the exeat is granted you must be officially re-registered for the semester in question. This means you must have first paid in the respective semester fee into the account of HTW. (Depending on the reasons for your exeat you might be partially exempted from the semester fee, please see the section on semester fees for more details. If you are not exempted you may afterwards at least apply for a refund of the semester ticket fee directly at the semester ticket office of the students union (AStA))

Students who have been granted an exeat remain fully immatriculated students of HTW. However, they explicitly do not have the right to earn any credits or sit for any exams during the time of their exeat.

Exeat semesters are counted as full university semesters (but not as subject-related semesters).

=> Application deadlines

Applications for an exeat semester must to be filed prior to the start of the examination registration. You must submit the application form and accompanying proofs to the Office of Admissions and Enrolment within the deadlines for exeat applications as set forth in the academic calendar.


=> Application form

In order to apply for an exeat, you have to fill in the corresponding application form: Exeat [PDF, 31 KB].

You must include a written statement and proof of your important causes for exeat (e.g. notification of enlistment or medical certificate).



Do not forget to duly re-register for the semester of your return by paying in the respective semester fee within the period of re-registration. If you are on leave from the university for the purpose of military or civilian service, the semester fee is not applicable to you. You are simply required to informally report back before the closing date. In other cases of exeat, you are required to re-enrol via the usual procedure before the closing date.
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