Registering for Classes


General Notes

Registering for a class is a necessary step if you want to take that class and earn credits. Only after having had received a place in a class will you be able to register for examinations later on.

All classes, language courses and so-called 'AWE' electives must be registered for.

Registration is made online at the LSF portal for all depertments as well as the Foreign Language Centre.

As a rule, students of these study programmes enrol for classes in a registration list. The departments can provide more precise details on the list registration procedure.
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Online Registration Procedure Via LSF

Registration for classes is done online at the LSF portal: (This page is only available in German)
You must register here for every single class you would like to take (except ConREM students; registration of ConREM's is centralized).

To register in the LSF portal, please use the login and password you received from the Computer Centre (Unix account). This is the same account you use for registering for examinations or retrieving your marks in the LSF system.

Registration for students in their first term at university is separately regulated: Information for First-Term Students

Please also observe the additional individual registration regulations for the Foreign Language Centre and individual departments, as well as the special arrangements for students with children, disabled students, competitive athletes and foreign exchange students.
Foreign Language Centre Regulations for Class Registration
All Special Regulations (This page is only available in German)

The registration procedure is divided into four phases:

Phase 117 - 25 Sept 2013Registration for desired classes
Phase 226 Sept - 4 Oct 2013Automatic allocation of places
Phase 35 Oct - 11 Nov 2013
  • Registration opportunity for any remaining places
  • Withdrawal from or cancellation of unneeded places
  • After that deadline please contact your department
Phase 411 Nov 2013Final allocation of places/class rosters have been determined

Phase 1: Registration for Desired Classes

The point in time you register for desired classes is absolutely irrelevant for the allocation of places, as long as you register within this first phase!
You can therefore change your desired classes as many times as you like at any time during phase 1 by withdrawing from undesired classes and registering for others.

Phase 2: Automatic Allocation of Places

Allocation of places is done by computer under consideration of the following ranks:
  • Rank 1: group of the students whose study programme offers the respective class and who are taking said class in the intended term
  • Rank 2: group of repeaters
  • Rank 3: group of the students whose study programme offers the respective class, but who are not taking said class in the intended term
  • Rank 4: group of the students from other study programmes

If there are not enough places in a class to accommodate all students, then places will be assigned to equivalent applicants by drawing lots.

You may inform yourself of the status quo of registration at any time by logging into the LSF portal and checking your personal course schedule. You will not receive any separate notification.

Phase 3: Allocation of Remaining Places and Cancellation of Registration

In phase three, any remaining places are allocated. Any students still in need of placement have the opportunity again to register for their desired class during this phase.

Allocation of any available places is done on fridays. For exact dates see start page of LSF No other registration requests may be submitted during this time. At the end of every above-mentioned allocation period, you must sign up again with your registration requests if you have not been placed! Shortlisted applicants are not automatically offered a place.

Please withdraw from classes you no longer want or are able to take by cancelling your registration. Only then can these places be made available for allocation to other students.

Phase 4: End of Registration

Registration ends.
If you have not received a place in your desired class by then, you may not take that class or register for exams in that class.
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Taking Classes in Other Study Programmes or Departments

If you would like to take a supplementary general academic elective ("AWE") in another department or a class in another study programme/department, please observe the following:
  • First check with the chairperson of your Examination Board whether the class is actually accredited for your study programme or not.
    You can find the chairperson of the Examination Board in the Study Programme section.
  • In addition, check with your Department Administration office to find out if a separate exam registration might be necessary in certain circumstances.
    The addresses of the Department Administration offices can be found on the pages of the individual departments (This page is only available in German), in the sub-section "Fachbereichsverwaltung" (Department Administration).
  • Register for the desired subject in the LSF portal as usual. If you are unable to register for the subject in the LSF portal, please contact the department that offers the class.
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