Student Union (AStA)


General information

The student union ("AStA") represents the interests of students at the university and tends to the concerns of students of the HTW. This is done in different ways:
  • The student union is a judicial and extrajudicial representative of student interests in respect to any legal matters with the university administration, professors and central institutions, as well as the media, politics, state government, business partners such as BVG public transport and much more.
  • The student union also offers various services and counselling.

Officers of the student union are elected by the student parliament ("StuPa"), the rulings of which are also binding for the student union. At the departmental level, student councils tend to students' interests.
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Treskowallee campus
Main building, "Studimeile" room 41 | phone: +49 (0)30 5019-2265

Wilhelminenhof campus
Building B, room 106 | phone: +49 (0)30 5019-2618/-2540

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Counselling services provided by the student union

The student union offers the following counselling services:
  • Counselling for foreign students
  • Consultation about social issues
  • General course and university counselling
  • Free legal advice from an attorney at law
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Semester tickets and the Semester Ticket Office

Upon payment of the semester fee, all properly registered students of the HTW must acquire a semester ticket. The semester ticket is a personal, non-transferable ticket for public transport for the duration of one term. The student ID card includes the inscription "Semester Ticket Berlin ABC" and is a valid fare card in conjunction with an official identity card. During the summer term, the semester ticket is valid from the 1st of April through the 30th of September, and in the winter term from the 1st of October to the 31st of March.

The semester ticket was introduced after a ballot vote by the students of the HTW in June 2001 and is a solidarity model. This means that all students pay for the ticket, making it more inexpensive for everybody.

Should you have any problems or questions regarding the semester ticket, please contact the Semester Ticket Office, which can help you with e.g. the following issues:
  • Do I have to pay for the semester ticket even if I don't even need it?
  • Can I apply for a grant towards my semester ticket?
  • Can I apply for exemption if, for example, I am going to be doing an internship in another city?
  • I lost my student ID card and therefore my semester ticket. How do I go about getting a replacement?

Office: Treskowallee campus, middle campus entrance to the main building, "Studimeile" room 45
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International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

You can have an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) issued by the student union ("AStA").
With the International Student Identity Card, you are eligible for all different kinds of rebates including discounts on flights in Germany and many other countries worldwide.
It also serves as a substitute for your passport during ticket inspections on public transport.

How do I get an ISIC?
  • Fill out the application (available from the student union, in front of the Semester Ticket Office or for downloading on the students' website).
  • Attach a photograph and copy of your student ID card, personal identity card or passport.
  • Include your email address in the application.
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