Conditions of Participation


What do I have to know in advance?

Each semester the central facility of University Sports offers a Semester Sports Programme (SSP) during the running term and a holiday sports programme ("FerienSportProgramm" - FSP) over the semester break.
The FSP is an independent programme to give interested people the chance to try out new types of sports.

All adults are eligible to take university sports classes whether or not they are affiliated with the HTW.
Please get in touch with us for information about classes suitable for disabled people.

All classes must be registered for and are subject to a fee. Any number of classes can be taken. Registration may only be made online (interested people without Internet access can register directly at the office).
Fees are listed for each class. The fee depends on the type of class and the status group:
  • Independent training/classes/workshops
  • Students/staff/externals

Although trainees, pupils and HTW alumni have the "external" status, they only have to pay the same fees as staff members. However, they are required to provide evidence of their status group.
Without proper verification, an additional fee will be charged!

You are eligible to participate in the classes you’ve registered for provided your payment has been made on time.
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How can I sign up?

  1. Access the latest sports programme (This page is only available in German), select the desired class and go to "Kurs buchen" (register for class).
  2. Fill out the application form and enter a valid email address. Important information will be sent to this address (regarding e.g. the start of the registration period or class).
  3. Submit the application form by clicking "Verbindliche Anmeldung" (obligatory registration). All data will be transferred via SSL only.
  4. Once finished, your registration will be confirmed. This should be printed out as it contains your registration data as well as your ticket.
  5. Both the ticket and proof of your status must be presented to the instructor at your first class.
Note: if a class is fully booked, you can opt to put your name on a waiting list in case someone drops out..
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How do I make my payment?

Bank transfers must be made within three workdays.
Once this period has expired, your reserved spot in the class will be automatically cancelled and all individuals on the waiting list will be informed about the free spot via email.

o adhere to the time frame, the fee can be paid with an EC card directly at the office (low-rise building at the Treskowallee campus).

It is strongly recommended to make an individual bank transfer for each class you registered for. Please make sure to include the proper note to payee for each transfer. Otherwise your payment cannot be processed and you might loose your place.

Bank Details

Account holder: HTW Berlin
Account no.: 102 107
Sort code: 100 100 10
Bank: Postbank Berlin
Reason for transfer: name + course number
IBAN: DE11100100100000102107
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When is it possible to get a reimbursement?

  1. You can withdraw from sports courses held by the central facility of University Sports up to seven days after the start of semester programm. Upon written application, paid course fees minus a 20% flat charge will be reimbursed.
  2. No reimbursements can be made after this seven-day timeframe, but there is the possibility of re-booking to a different course provided there are still spaces available in the desired course.
  3. If the central facility for University Sports decides to cancel a course, paid fees will be completely reimbursed upon written application.
Reimbursement form [PDF, 39 KB] (This page is only available in German)
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Am I covered by insurance when taking sports classes?

Correct registration is prerequisite for full insurance coverage.

Students of Berlin’s universities who take part in university sporting events or classes are insured according to the conditions of the "Unfallkasse Berlin" (Berlin accident insurance fund). The legal basis of this insurance is stipulated by the "Sozialgesetzbuch VII" (German code of social law).

Staff members are insured pursuant to the conditions of company-facilitated sports activities. Under the terms of Paragraph 13 Section 1 of the "Beamtenversorgungsgesetz" (law on the care of civil servants), accidents suffered by civil servants during university sports will not be considered job-related.
  • In either case it is the duty of the insurance company to investigate accidents and come to a decision for each individual case.
  • For that purpose the casualty must fill out an accident notice form, which is available at the university sports office.
With the exception of the above-mentioned insurance coverage, all additional coverage is excluded. Liability insurance is therefore strongly recommended. In addition, private accident insurance for all individuals not mentioned above is also recommended.

Private property stolen or damaged at university sports facilities are not insured and any claims made by the organiser or owner are excluded.
It is therefore strongly recommended to abstain from bringing any valuable possessions to university sports facilities and, in particular, not to leave them in the locker room.
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