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"Stiftungsindex" (Foundation Index)

The foundation index is a search engine for foundations.
Foundation Index  (This page is only available in German)

Otto Benecke Foundation

Eligible for a scholarship are
  • late repatriates,
  • spouses and descendants of late repatriates,
  • people qualifying for asylum and
  • contingent refugees
who have entered the Federal Republic of Germany and have not yet completed their 30th year of age at the start of the scholarship.
Otto Benecke Foundation (This page is only available in German)


Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Grants study and doctoral scholarships to young, socio-politically active people.
Friedrich Ebert Foundation  (This page is only available in German)

Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Three main prerequisites are decisive for grants:
  • scholarly aptitude,
  • the personality of the young person and
  • socio-political dedication with a liberal tenor.
Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Heinrich Böll Foundation

The Heinrich Böll Foundation provides grants to students and graduates from all fields and nations, and from universities and universities of applied science in all states across Germany.

Scholarship holders are expected to achieve outstanding study and academic performance, display socio-political dedication and actively examine the foundation’s basic values: ecology, non-violence, solidarity and democracy.
Heinrich Böll Foundation

Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Prerequisites for a grant from this foundation are:
  • above-average marks at a secondary school or university;
  • personal aptitude;
  • political or social dedication;
  • German language knowledge (for applications in Germany: DSH; for applications from abroad: certification of German as a foreign language);
  • willingness to return to native country upon graduation and assumption of responsibility in the sense of the foundation’s objective.
Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Applicants should be distinguished by a high degree of political and social dedication, as well as outstanding academic achievement.
The foundation sees the advancement of women as a paramount duty. In the case of comparable academic performance and aptitude, female applicants who are in special need of financial aid will be favoured.
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

With more than 9,000 scholars, the Studienstiftung (German National Academic Foundation) is the largest and oldest organisation sponsoring the academically gifted in Germany.
It is non-political and non-denominational. The Studienstiftung promotes future excellence in the areas of science, business, public administration, and the arts. Through its sponsorship programme it promotes academic consolidation, interdisciplinary dialogue, a cosmopolitan world view and international experience.
Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
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German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD

Scholarships From the DAAD

An overview of all scholarships for foreign students can be found in the DAAD’s scholarship database.
Scholarship database from the DAAD

DAAD Prize

Since 1995, the DAAD has granted German universities annual funds for the award of a prize for outstanding academic performance by foreign students. With this prize, special academic, social, intercultural or intra-university achievements are distinguished.
Outstanding performance by a foreign student of the HTW is awarded with a cash prize of one thousand euros.

The Nomination by the department can be send until the end of July to the international students' advisor, Mr Gernot Welschhoff.

Prerequisites for the nominations are:
  • Foreign student who has earned his/her university entrance qualification abroad
  • Full-time student
  • Advanced course of studies

Scholarship holders of grants from the DAAD are not eligible, not as temporarily enrolled exchange or programme students, or so-called "course changers" in an advanced term of study.

The following documents should be submitted with the nomination:
  • Nomination-Form
  • Certification of academic credentials (transcript/overview of marks)
  • Comprehensive letter of recommendation from a professor or lecturer
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Alfred Töpfer Foundation F.V.S

The projects in the main working area are going to pursue the prevailing importance of values in European culture and cultivate the dialogue about values between the cultures.
The Alfred Toepfer Scholarship Programme supports the final examination phase in studies at universities in Germany, especially European studies in the fields of cultural studies and the humanities, but also in the fine arts and the performing arts, architecture, agricultural and forestry sciences.
Alfred Töpfer Foundation
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BAföG German State Student Grant and Loan

Federal Education Assistance Act

Pursuant to Paragraph 8 of this act, foreign students may file for federal financial aid when
  • they were gainfully employed in the Federal German Republic for the last five years prior to the start of their studies or
  • at least one parent was gainfully employed in the Federal Republic of Germany for a minimum of three years in the last six years prior to the start of studies;
  • they permanently reside in Germany and one of their parents or the spouse is a German national citizen or
  • they are a citizen of the EU or EEA (European economic area) and were gainfully employed in the Federal Republic of Germany prior to the start of studies and this occupation is related to the field of studies in terms of contents or
  • they are officially entitled to asylum, have been recognised as a contingent or convention refugee or are protected from deportation.

Information on the German state grant and loan (BAföG) at the website of Student Services Berlin  (This page is only available in German)
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Ecclesiastic Emergency Fund

Evangelic Student Borough of Berlin ("ESG")

Students from Africa, Asia (with the exception of South Korea) and Latin America are able to receive financial aid in times of financial distress. For repeat applications, proof of social or developmental-political activism must be provided.

ESG Emergency Fund  (This page is only available in German)
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"Studentische Darlehenskasse e.V." (Student Loan Association)

The student loan association provides an interest-bearing loan to students who are in the final phase of their studies and are in financial distress. This loan is paid back after a grace period.

Loans must be paid back by all means so that fellow students in similar situations are also able to take out a loan.
Student Loan Association  (This page is only available in German)
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