Accommodations in Berlin


Rooms in Student Dorms

Many of our students live in student dormitories. The "Studentenwerk" (Student Services Berlin) lets flats in its dorms.

The monthly rent for a bedsit runs between 130-240 euros. A deposit of roughly 200 euros must also be paid, which is returned to you when you move out, provided you leave the flat in an orderly condition.

Because rent is directly booked from your bank account, we kindly ask you to immediately open a bank account upon arriving in Berlin.

Please understand that the HTW cannot provide any information about rooms let by Student Services Berlin.

Information on the student dorms run by Students Services Berlin can be found at their website:
Student Services Berlin - Accommodations Section

Download a guide for dormitory applications here: guide for dormitory application  (This page is only available in German)

Special Note for Foreign Exchange Students:

Foreign exchange students are placed in student dorms by the International Office. More information can be found in the Student Exchange section under Accommodations.
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"Bürgermeister-Reuter-Stiftung" (Mayor Reuter Foundation)

This non-profit foundation provides housing services geared to young people (up to 27 years of age) and all pupils, students, interns and apprentices in training or studies (no age limit) from all nations. The Mayor Reuter Foundation offers 1,514 domiciles in four different blocks, most of which are individual flats that are completely furnished, as well as 225 domiciles in a youth hostel.
Mayor Reuter Foundation (This page is only available in German)
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Easy Living

Easy Living is a offer of ARWOBAU GmbH for trainees and students who want to get on their own two feet in Berlin and enjoy their independence to the max. Easy Living has fully furnished one, three and four room apartments in various Berlin districts where you’ll feel right at home.

Find more information about easy living on the websites of ARWOBAU GmbH
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Private Flats

The housing market in Berlin offers flats in all price categories.

A wide range of available flats can be found at
Ads from the "Immobilien" (real estate/housing) section of the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost can be found at
Student flats and flat-sharing ads can also be found at the following websites:
Finally, the municipal housing societies in Berlin offer inexpensive flats. An overview of all housing societies, so-called "Wohnungsbaugesellschaften", can be found at
New! Special discount for HTW students
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Youth Guest Houses/Youth Hostels

If you have not yet found a flat upon your arrival in Berlin, you can find inexpensive overnight accommodations at youth guesthouses or hostels.

Youth Hostels of the "Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk" (DJH – German youth hostel society):
More Youth Hostels in Berlin:
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Other inexpensive overnight accommodations can be found at numerous hostels around Berlin.
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