Research Projects

The HTW places great emphasis on applied research. Research activities are purposefully supported by internal research funding and an efficient service and consultation structure.

The extent and quality of research activities have shown a continuous positive development since the HTW was founded. Its associates comprise regional and international institutions, and individuals in the fields of commerce, public authorities, science, administration and culture. Regional, national and European funding schemes are utilised in this collaborative work, as well as financing by private and public clients. As a research partner and a provider of scientific services, the HTW is involved in numerous educational, cultural and regional infrastructure projects as well as development programmes and business development programmes.

The HTW carries out research and development projects as well as innovative educational and cultural programmes in five different departments. Topics concerning the information society (e-learning, e-commerce and e-government) and environmental and energy-related issues are all addressed. Whereas business-economical research focuses on promoting business start-ups and improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, socio-economical and political advisory research addresses up-to-date issues such as European and national labour market policies or the effects of globalisation. A selection of projects in the areas of cultural heritage preservation and design round off the spectrum.

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