Competence Centre for Start-ups and Young Entrepreneurs

The Competence Centre for Start-ups and Young Entrepreneurs sees itself as a service facility and partner for both students and medium-sized companies from the region. It is a contact point for initiatives and also a driving force for creative projects aimed at supporting and advancing independent entrepreneurship.

Through its interdisciplinary research, the competence centre contributes to an improvement in the academic foundation of training and consulting geared to medium-sized enterprises. Corresponding projects are carried out with the university’s own capital resources or with funds raised from third-parties, to some extent also within the scope of students’ final theses.

On the one hand, these projects are aimed at an improved understanding of the special challenges SMEs are faced with. The goal here is to amplify the academic foundation for the development of management methods and instruments specifically for start-ups and small-sized enterprises. On the other hand, they are focussed on a more empirically founded assessment of the perspectives of independent entrepreneurship in modern economies. The objective in this case is to more precisely illuminate the context of individual operative business and develop orientation guidelines for economic policy-making.

Start-up Competence Centre

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Klaus SemlingerPhone:+49 (0)30 5019-2830Fax:+49 (0)30
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