Energy and Environment

The Energy and Environment Competence Centre merges competencies ranging from electrical engineering and process engineering, to sustainability analyses. This interdisciplinarity allows the development of integrated, sustainable energy supply concepts in very different fields. The amount of know-how in this area is immense since the HTW was the first university in Germany to develop its own study programme in the area of renewable energies.
Among the range of services offered by the competence centre are consultation, support, and the development and assessment of projects on the use of renewable energies in the broadest sense. Focal points and subjects at the competence centre are:
Environmentally Friendly Energy Conversion Technologies:
conversion technologies for sun, wind, hydropower and biomass; combined heat and power, sorption cycles; innovative long-term storage of solar energy
Interdependencies Between Energy and the Environment / the Environment and Energy:
Environmental impact, quality assessment and the lifespan prognosis of energy components
Buildings and Energy:
Construction adapted to local climates, innovative low-energy refurbishment of buildings; thermal building behaviour and lighting engineering
Simulation and Modelling:
The simulation of regenerative power plant projects; building simulation (lighting and heating); solar-meteorological analyses, opacity analysis of solar facilities; dynamic thermal network method
Energy Supply Concepts and Estimations of Climatic Impact:
Potentials analysis for the use of renewable energy systems; development and assessment of municipal, regional and national energy supply networks; ascertainment of cumulated energy demand, duration of energy reflux and direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

Coordinator of the competence centre:

Prof. Dr. Friedrich SickPhone:+49 (0)30 5019-2110/3658Fax:+49 (0)30
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