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Consecutive Master Degree Programmes

"Consecutive Master Degree Programmes" are programmes that are strictly based on identically named bachelor programmes offered at HTW Berlin. In order to be eligible to apply for one of these consecutive master programmes, you must have completed a first academic degree in a related bachelor degree programme. For example, to study Master International Business at HTW Berlin, you must have concluded a Bachelor in International Business or at least a bachelor in a business or economy-related subject, while you cannot apply for Master International Business with a first degree in Fashion Design.

To see a complete list of the Consecutive Master Degree Programmes offered at HTW, please go to: list of study programmes

Please read up there to find out about the individual admission requirements for your desired consecutive master study programme by referring to the study programme regulations which can be found on the homepage of the required study programme. Individual admission requirements may for example contain proof of additional internships (abroad), relevant professional experience, motivation letter, abstract of the own final thesis, etc.

All applicants for a consecutive master degree programme must first fill in an online application at: (This page is only available in German) and after having done that submit their complete application documents, both must be done within the regular application period.

Own HTW graduates do not have to submit their overall average grade, admission to bachelor thesis and up-to-date grade transcripts, since these documents are already saved in the HTW backup system and will be obtained directly from the HTW examination office.

If you will not have obtained your final degree certificate until the end of the application period, your application may still be considered in the admission procedure, if you instead submit a confirmation from your university that you have already been admitted to your final thesis/final examination, plus an up-to-date grade transcript indicating your provisional overall average grade (this grade transcript must be signed and stamped your university).

Additional documents required from international applicants

Below you will find a short outline of the most important (additional) application documents required from international applicants:

Bachelor degree certificate or other diploma certificate with grade transcript
All university/college certificates from your country of origin must specify the content of your former study programme and the final grades you obtained.
Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia have to submit an APS-Certificate.
Find information on the academic test centre under  (This page is only available in German)  (This page is only available in German)  (This page is only available in German)
Certification of the German language university entrance examination for foreign students (DSH-2)
More information can be found in the Language Requirements section.
Certification of an English language test for English language master programmes
Please refer to the homepage of the individual study programme to find out which certification you need.
Find information about accredited language examination certificates in the Language Requirements section.
Certificate of professional experience
More information can be found on the homepage of the Study Programmes.

Detailed information can also be downloaded here:
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Postgraduate Master Degree Programmes

Apart from the aforementioned consecutive master programmes, HTW Berlin also offers various postgraduate programmes. Applications for postgraduate master degree programmes shall be filed directly with the respective study programme. Please read up on the homepages of the study programme or contact the competent study programme advisor to find out about the individual application procedure.

The following postgraduate master degree programmes are offered at HTW:

Detailed information on the application procedure, deadlines and contact persons can be found on the homepages of the respective study programmes.
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