Application for bachelor programmes


Applications for Bachelor Programmes

Please refer to the list of study programmes to read up on the individual admission requirements for your desired bachelor programme.

Applications for all bachelor degree programmes at HTW must be made withint the regular application periods, directly at HTW Berlin (we do not cooperate with Uni-Assist). Find any and all information on how to officially apply at HTW here: How to apply

*Exception: applications for the bachelor programme Public Management must be made directly at Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht (HWR, berlin school of business and law).
Applications to Public Management Studies  (This page is only available in German)

You may download some general information here:

General information on the application documents

In the following you find some useful information and explanations on the application documents that must be provided in paper to HTW Berlin within the application period after having filled in the online application.

A complete list of the individual application documents required from you will be automatically issued together with your official applicants number right after having completed your online application form.

Please read through sections 1 to 4 very carefully, and start preparing your application documents early enough for you to meet the application deadlines, since your application at HTW Berlin will only be considered in the admission procedure, if we received a valid online application and complete paper documents within the application period.

1. General Certificates 

Certificate from School education and university/college credentials from your native country
Copies of your reports and credentials must also be submitted with your application to the HTW.
Find information about the validation of credentials under (This page is only available in German)
Certificate from the “Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung” (Berlin senate office for education, science and research)
Accreditation of all school leaving and university/college certificates from your native country is only necessary if your certificate is not listed under (This page is only available in German).
More information can be found in the section on the Validation of Credentials.
Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia have to submit a APS-Certificate.
Find information over the academic test centre under (This page is only available in German) (This page is only available in German) (This page is only available in German)
Certification of the “Feststellungsprüfung” (assessment test)
The assessment test is only necessary if your certificates are not eligible to the German university entrance examination (Abitur).
More information can be found in the Preparatory course section.
Certification of the German language university entrance examination for foreign students (DSH-2)
(n/a for International Business studies)
Further information can be found in Language Requirements.
Certification of a pre-study internship for the desired study programme
Only if your study programme requires a pre-study internship.
More information can be found in the Pre-Study Internship section.

2. Certificates Required for Specific Study Programmes 

Certification of a passed aptitude test
for the study courses Communications Design, Fashion Design and Conservation-Restoration/ Field Archaeology.
More information can be found in the Aptitude Tests section.
Proof of mandatory consultation with advisor and submission of internship report
for the Museums Studies programme
English language proficiency certificate
for the Bachelor’s degree programme International Business

3. Special Documents for Applicants Who Have Previously Studied at an Institution of Higher Education 

Form for the recognition of academic credentials
If you have studied in Germany or your native country in the past, be sure to check whether your academic credentials can be recognised in your desired course of study at the HTW.
Please compare your past credentials with the coursework in your intended study programme.
The curricula of the study programmes offered at the HTW can be found in the detailed information for interested applicants to the respective programme. Study Programmes
The form for the recognition of academic credentials must include an overview of all credits including marks and the content matter of individual lectures/seminars (can be found in the lecture notes, study guide or on the Internet).
Without these documents, no credits can be awarded for past academic credentials.
Form for the Recognition of Academic Credentials [PDF, 43 KB]  (This page is only available in German)

4. Special Applications 

Hardship cases, improvement of waiting period or average mark
Please check if this applies to you before filing an application. In general, documented proof of all specifications made in such applications must be provided. Please read through the application’s contents and consult us for advice in case of doubt
Special Applications for Hardship Cases or Compensation for Disadvantages [PDF, 126 KB]  (This page is only available in German)
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Applications for a Second Bachelor Degree

If you already completed an academic degree at a university in Germany, and want to apply for second degree on the same academic level (for example you already completed a bachelor degree at a German university and want to start a second bachelor degree at HTW Berlin), you must also apply online and submit the following paper documents within the application period:
Degree certificate from your previous study programme completed at a university in Germany plus grade transcript
Letter of motivation specifying the reasons why you intend to study another undergraduate degree
Certification of pre-study internship
Only if this required for your desired study programme. See the list of study programme and also the pre-study internship section.
Certificates required for specific study programmes
If required in the desired study programme.
See Section 2 of Application Documents
You will also receive a complete list of all documents required from you, after having filled in the online application.

Please also read up on the instructions set forth at: university transfer or download compact information here: information on university transfer [PDF, 40 KB]
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