Pre-study Internship


General Information

A blackboard with chalk inscription Qualifikation (qualification) [Foto: Gerd Altmann/]Almost all Bachelor’s degree and German “Diplom” study programmes at the HTW Berlin have practical education requirements, usually of at least 13 weeks’ duration.
We recommend doing your pre-study internship in your native country.

The practical education requirements for each individual study programme are explained in detail in the information for interested applicants on the web page of the respective study programme. Please note that there is a mandatory training plan for the internship in the technical and design study courses.
Certain completed vocational apprenticeships can possibly serve as a substitute for the pre-study internship.
Study Programmes


Proof of the pre-study internship must be provided in the form of a detailed certificate. This must state the type of occupation, fields of work, tasks involved, duration of the internship and the average daily or weekly working hours. If there was a mandatory training plan, this should also be indicated in the certificate.

Internship certificates in English do not need to be translated. For other foreign languages, a notarised German translation must be submitted.

Pre-Study Internship Advisor

If you are still unsure whether the pre-study internship you completed meets the requirements after having had read through the information material on your study programme, you should consult the internship advisor of the study programme before filing your application. You can find your advisor on the web page of the respective study programme.
Study Programmes
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