Wooden welcome sign in front of a tree [Foto: muensterpoint.de/pixelio.de]Your affiliation with the HTW as a student begins upon enrolment.

If you have been admitted to studies at the HTW, have paid your semester fees and submitted all necessary documents, you will automatically be enrolled without having to undertake any further steps. You will receive your student identity card and certificates of registration in the mail.

The official homepage of the Office of Admissions and Enrolment can be found here: Office of Admissions and Enrolment
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The Student ID

Among other things, the student ID comprises a semester ticket for public transport in Berlin for the duration of one term (six months). Information on the semester ticket can be found on the student union’s page: AStA.

For newly enrolled students at the HTW, the student ID comes with a login and user password for the university's computer centre. This will be needed for e.g. signing up for courses and registering for examinations, and should therefore be kept in a safe place.

Should you ever lose your login and password, you must immediately file a repair application with the computer centre to get a new login and password, as this can take some time.

You can find the repair application ("Wiederherstellungsantrag") on the computer centre's website: Computer Centre Login and Repair Application (This page is only available in German).
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Further Information

Introductory events
At the start of the term, the Student Services Department offers a welcome meeting especially for foreign students. Also, each study programme holds its own opening event for new students. You will receive information on these events with your notification of acceptance to the HTW.
International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
In addition to the HTW student ID, we recommend all foreign students obtain an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), because this is accepted as a substitute for passports during ticket inspections on local public transport.
More information on the ISIC can be found on the student union’s page: AStA
Academic calendar
A list of all important deadlines and dates throughout the entire term can be found in the Academic Calendar.
Personal data changes, reporting back, etc.
Information on all organisational matters regarding your studies such as address and name changes, reporting back for the new term, leaves of absence and leaving university can be found on the web pages of the Office of Admissions and Enrolment.
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