Admission Procedure

Various different doors [Foto: Andreas Morlok/]Most study programmes at the HTW underlie restricted admissions. Restricted admission means there are far more applicants than available study places. This in turn means, not every applicant can get a place in his desired study programme. To find out which applicants will get a place, a NC (NC = numberus clausus) selection procedure has to be conducted.

  • Applicants from the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, and applicants with university entrance qualifications obtained in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland will be admitted according to the NC procedure. You can find more information on the NC procedure here: NC (Restricted Admission)
  • Applicants from all other foreign countries will not take part in the NC procedure, instead they will be admitted on the basis of a prior quota of 5 % of the available study place in their desired programme, and they will be ranked by the average grade of their university entrance qualification .
In study programmes with non-restricted admission, an unlimited number of students may be admitted. However, they are also required to file their applications to the HTW within the application deadline and must fulfil all the admission requirements.

Applications received at HTW outside the application deadlines WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED in the admission procedure.
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Notification of Admission and Acceptance of University Place

If you have been offered a place, you will receive written notification from the "Referat Zulassung und Immatrikulation" (office of admissions and enrolment). This contains all relevant information for further procedures up to the point of enrolment incl. a list of the documents that must still be submitted. If you have not been offered a university place, you will receive notification of rejection.

Admissions are made as quickly as possible after the application closing date; notifications are sent out approx. two to four weeks after this date. Due to the higher number of applicants to the study programmes with restricted admission, this might take longer. In the past, applicants have usually received their letter of notification in the mail one month prior to the start of the term at the very latest. If possible, please include a German contact address in your application so that you will be able to receive all important information in due time.

If allocated places are not accepted by rival applicants, it is possible that you might be admitted even after having had been rejected.
Please refrain from enquiring about the status quo of the placement procedure.

Important: If you would like to accept the university place offered to you, you must attend to the following within 14 days:
If paying your semester fees from abroad, please ask your bank about any incurring bank fees. These fees must be added to the semester fees; the total sum is to be paid to the HTW!
Please then send us a fax or email to inform us of the incoming payment from abroad. Be sure to include your applicant's number.

About the conditions of your application you can inform in the back-up inquiry (This page is only available in German).
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Documents to be Submitted Upon Admission

At the start of the term at the very latest, you must submit the following documents to the HTW, which are also listed in your letter of acceptance:
  • Proof of health insurance coverage
  • Residence permit for study purposes
  • Copy of your identity card or passport
  • Document of compliance and confirmation of removal from the student register of your former university (only applicable if you were formerly enrolled at a German institution of higher education)
  • Other documents individually listed in your notification of acceptance
You can only be enrolled and begin your studies after all documents have been submitted.
We strongly recommend entering Germany in time for the start of the term, in order to attend to all pending formalities in conjunction with your residency in Germany and enrolment at the university.
Important Formalities Upon Arrival
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