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World; Photo:Gerd Altmann/pixelio.deHTW Berlin has a strong tradition of research and academic excellence in the field of Business, Engineering and Design. We are members of networks and exchanges that facilitate long-standing relationships with business partners, universities, public authorities and organization from the civil society across the globe.The following examples of international partnerships demonstrate the wide influence of our global collaborations at HTW Berlin.

Automotive Engineering Summer School 2011 

GermanyHTW Berlin will run a three-week Automotive Engineering Summer School from 16th July until 5th August 2011 in the German cities of Karlsruhe, Berlin, and Dresden. This innovative program combines seminars and laboratory sessions, company visits and presentations from industry representatives on current developments in automotive engineering with an extensive leisure programme in some of Germany’s most attractive locations.

Hosted by three of the founding members of the new German Alliance for Applied Sciences, HAWtech , this new program will give undergraduate students from all over the world the opportunity to get to know the automotive engineering capabilities in Germany and to gain a total of six ECTS credit points in the process. For more detailed information please contact Prof. Lindemann and download the program flyer [PDF, 32,95 MB].

HTW StudentsHTW DresdenHsKA KarlsruheFormula students

Commitment for Mozambique 

MozambiqueThe HTW Berlin is very proud to be part of the Förderkreis Mozambique, a fundraising group based on the city partnership between Berlin-Lichtenberg and the 5th district in Maputo / Mozambique. Thanks to the support of many donors at June 23rd 2009 a container with goods for 350.000 Euro was sent to Mozambique. The HTW computer contribution helps to set up a computer room at the seconday school Zediquias Manganhela.

The Embassador of Mosambik with the SponsorsContainer get ready for shippingcontainer for mozambique
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